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To project a professional image to the public, and the agencies that we work with it is imperative that Oahu Emergency REACT team members wear standardized REACT uniforms consisting of either a Work Uniform or a Dress Uniform depending on the situation. The Chief will determine which uniform is to be worn for the occasion. Both uniforms are illustrated in the photos to the right.


The Work Uniform consists of black pants, REACT cap (or Deployment Hard Hat depending on the situation), black shoes or boots and either an approved team t-shirt or approved team polo shirt issued by Oahu Emergency REACT or purchased through the Team Member Store. Either the team t-shirt or team polo options are acceptable as part of the Work Uniform.


The Dress Uniform consists of black pants and either short or long sleeved white shirts with epaulets at the shoulders. The triangular REACT patch is sewn in the badge area above the left chest pocket and the  Oahu Emergency REACT team patches are sewn to each sleeve just below the shoulder seam. A solid white crewneck undershirt is to be worn under the uniform shirt. 


The REACT uniform cap shall consist of a black ball cap with the triangular REACT patch in the center. Officers caps will have silver oakleaf embroidery embellishments on the brims.


A team name tag displaying the team member's name on top and any FCC issued callsign underneath is to be worn centered on the right pocket flap of the Dress Uniform shirt. The team members team photo identification card will be displayed hanging from the left pocket flap or suspended from an orange lanyard worn around the neck.


Plain black leather shoes or boots are to be worn with the uniform. If shoes are worn instead of boots, black dress socks shall be worn.


If a tie is worn with the Dress Uniform shirt, it is to be black with no design on it. For safety, a clip-on tie is highly recommended. If a tie bar is worn it shall be plain silver.


If the member is CERT team certified, they may wear the round DHS CERT patch on the right sleeve of their Dress Uniform shirt below the team shoulder patch as shown above. If the team member is a SKYWARN storm spotter they may wear the SKYWARN patch on the left sleeve of their Dress Uniform shirt below the team shoulder patch as shown above. These additional membership pins/patches are optional and are not required to be worn. 


One Work Uniform shirt and REACT cap shall be supplied to each member by Oahu Emergency REACT, additional uniform items, and Dress Uniforms shall be supplied by the member. Patches for Dress Uniforms are available through Oahu Emergency REACT .


Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4








When wearing the Dress Uniform, all members will wear the corresponding shoulder boards of their rank as illustrated in the photos below.





Probationary Member Shoulder Boards













Probationary Member 






Team Member Shoulder Boards














       Team Member                                                   Corporal                                                           Sergeant                                    Sergeant-at-Arms     

                      T-1                                                                               T-2                                                                                 T-3                                                                   T-4





Officer Shoulder Boards  













      Lieutenant                                 Captain                         Commander                    Deputy Chief                 Assistant Chief                    Chief

                 O-1                                                    O-2                                             O-3                                              O-4                                             O-5                                        O-6




No other alterations or additions to the team uniform without prior approval.




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