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CERT Team Go-Bag Contents

As a CERT Team Member, in an emergency, disaster situation, or search & rescue, you need to be completely self-reliant and sustainable for up to 3-days. The equipment that you carry when you deploy may be all you have access to for the entire 3-days. 


Recommended contents of the CERT Team Go-Bag are listed below. Contact your team leader for equipment recommendations or supplier suggestions.




  • Orange 24" 3200cu. in. Tactical Hiking Backpack with MOLLE Attachment System

  • REACT ID (required for deployments

  • Deployment Hard Hat or Approved Mountain Climbing Helmet

  • Deployment Vest

  • N-95 Dust Masks / Respirator

  • Safety Goggles

  • Non-Latex Exam Gloves  (10 pair minimum)

  • Heavy Duty Leather Work Gloves

  • Mechanic Style Work Gloves

  • Flashlight (with extra batteries)

  • Headlamp (with extra batteries)

  • Roll of Duct Tape

  • Roll of Caution Tape

  • Roll of Fluorescent Flagging Tape

  • Orange Marking Flags

  • Triage Tape Rolls (Green, Yellow, Red, Black)

  • Triage Tape Dispenser

  • Crowbar

  • Gas/water Wrench

  • Folding Shovel

  • Multi-tool

  • Knife

  • EMT Shears

  • Clear Poncho / Deployment Raincoat

  • Multiple Carabiners

  • Signaling Whistle

  • Signaling Mirror

  • First-aid Supplies

  • Cell Phone

  • Communications Radio w/ Spare Batteries

  • Backup Communications Radio w/ Spare Batteries

  • Sun Block

  • Insect Repellant

  • Chapstick

  • Antiseptic Hand Cleaner

  • Pre-Moistened Hand Wipes

  • Ear Plugs

  • Ink Pens

  • Graphite Pencils

  • Water Impermeable Notebooks

  • Lumber Crayons - Yellow

  • Permanent Marker - Wide Tip

  • Permanent Marker - Narrow Tip

  • Set of the CERT / REACT Forms printed on Waterproof Paper

  • Bottled Drinking Water

  • Hydration Bladder for Backpack

  • Emergency Water Purification Tablets

  • Personal Water Filter (Life Straw or similar)

  • Non-perishable Food (3 Days worth)

  • Energy Bars (3 days worth)

  • Folding Camp Stove w/ Solid Fuel Canister

  • Stainless Steel Cooking Pot (For cooking emergency food and to boil water)

  • Lighter in Waterproof Container

  • Waterproof/Windproof Matches in Waterproof Container

  • Emergency Firestarter (flint & steel)

  • Firestarting Material in Waterproof Container (Charcloth or cotton balls soaked with Vaseline)

  • Personal Prescription Medications (3 Days worth)

  • 2 Extra Pair of Socks

  • Sturdy Shoes or Boots (absolutely no open-toe shoes allowed)

  • Long Pants

  • Long Sleeved REACT CERT Team T-Shirt


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